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With over four decades of Public Safety experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. As the next Sheriff of Caddo Parish, my top priorities will be our employees and the communities we serve. I will promote Public safety which provides the ability for the residents who live and visit Caddo Parish to be safe. I will prioritize community engagement to engage the community in discussions and facilitate collective solutions. I am committed to running a campaign you will be proud to be associated with and ultimately the type of Sheriff you would be proud to elect. 

what i will bring as sheriff 


Throughout my career, I have established and sustained relationships at all levels of the government, community, law enforcement, and corporate spheres that will be beneficial in addressing crime and positioning the Sheriff’s Department for continued growth and opportunities.

youth programs

As Sheriff, I will work with juvenile authorities, social service agencies, and local legislators to create youth programs that will support the positive development of our youth and help keep them out of trouble. I will create a summer jobs program for young people to work in the Sheriff’s Office where they will be exposed to law enforcement and possible career opportunities.

proven experience

As Shreveport's Police Chief, I created nationally recognized programs that mobilized the community and called on neighbors to be part of the change. Those actions contributed to the homicide rate dropping 54% and aggravated assaults decreased 17%. I know how to get the job done. I have proven results.

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